Having bright visible markings in your parking lot ensures safety and maximum functionality.

We use only the highest quality of MTO Approved paints to ensure a long lasting bright finish. We have all of the industry leading equipment which allows us to complete even the biggest jobs in a timely manner.

We offer 24/7 service so that all work can be completed after hours which minimizes any down time.

We apply every line at MTO spec thickness to maximize the life of the pavement markings. We also offer reflective traffic paint for maximum visibility at night and in bad weather conditions.

Parking Lot Line Painting

  1. We start every job by setting up safety cones and assessing the parking lot

  2. We then remove all dirt and debris from the areas that need to be painted

  3. We mark out every line that has to be painted, making sure all markings are in line and straight

  4. Then we paint every line, stencil, speed bump, etc. that is required

  5. Once the paint is dry for traffic we remove all safety cones and open the parking lot up for vehicles

(The traffic paint is dry within minutes of application in temperatures above 10 degrees C)​

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