Road Markings

Specializing in roads, subdivisions, intersections, and round-a-bout pavement markings. Whether it is for new construction or re-painting, Pro Finish Line Painting can take care of it for you. We have all of the modern measuring and painting systems that guarantee markings to be applied correctly and accurately.

With our advanced systems we are able to complete the job more efficiently at the proper specifications.

We set in place all of the traffic control needed for each Job, along with pre-warning trucks, signage, safety cones, etc.

Our paint is all MTO OPSS 1716 approved along with the application of our approved OPSS 1750 Reflective Glass Beads. All markings are applied at a minimum thickness of 15 mils with the option of a single or double application. All of the crew members are trained and conform to OTM Book 11 as well as traffic control safety from OTM Book 7.

We offer same day emergency service for road markings!

Pro Finish Line Painting offers Durable Markings in both Thermoplastic/Pre-Formed and Coldplastic/MMA applications. Durable markings are more commonly used for major intersections, and highways.

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